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Asher’s Chocolate began in 1892 and this makes it the longest running, family-owned confectioners in the US. What was once a candy shop is now a chocolate factory that is owned and run by the fourth generation of the Asher’s family. They are a high quality confectioners that produce the following goods:

In addition to selling their products, they also offer sweet deals and the opportunity to win free chocolate. The site is really easy to use and to find exactly what you want. When you find a product that you like the look of and click on it you will find further information about the products and several images of the item, that if you hover over them, they zoom in showing details of the product. You will also see other similar products that you might like displayed on this page. The only downside is that due to the products being food stuffs, Asher’s Chocolate only ship within the US which is a shame for international chocolate lovers.

Asher's Chocolate: What makes it different?

There are many other confectioners that sell their goods online. However, Asher’s Chocolate have many differentiating features that will appeal to chocolate lovers and to those who are buying gifts for somebody else. Some of these are as follows:

  • Wide variety of products- there are almost too many tasty treats to choose from.
  • Sugar free- this is a great advantage for diabetics or people who are watching their weight.
  • Gluten free- people who have to follow a gluten free diet can still enjoy some of the delicious products.
  • Gift baskets, boxes and towers- the wide selection of gifts available means that there is something for everybody regardless of budget.
  • Choice of wrapping on gift baskets- not only is their a wide selection of gift baskets, you also get to choose how they are wrapped, meaning that the gift is personalized to the tastes of the recipient.
  • Discounts- you can receive these by signing up to their newsletter.
  • Win free chocolate- by filling in a quick survey about your chocolate preferences, you are entered into a draw to win free chocolate.
  • Toll free customer helpline- it is good to know that it is not going to cost you anything if you have any queries about a product.
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Asher's Chocolate vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Asher's Chocolate)

Confectionary is a fast growing market online and this means that Asher’s Chocolate have a growing number of competitors. Two of the leading rivals in this field are Ghiradelli and When compared to Asher’s Chocolate, the rival sites both have pros and cons.

Pros of

  • They have excellent search options to refine your search.
  • They offer free shipping.
  • They also offer kosher and vegan chocolates.

Cons of

  • The site seems a bit overwhelming when you first enter it.
  • You have to register before you can even browse the site.
  • The chocolates are sourced from other companies in the US and Canada rather than being their own product.

Pros of Ghiradelli

  • Extremely high quality including bean selection, refinement and quality control throughout the creation of their chocolates.
  • They also sell hot cocoa, coffee and other beverages.
  • They sell baking recipes and products.

Cons of Ghiradelli

  • They have less options for gift baskets than Asher’s Chocolate.
  • The selection of gifts appear less visually appealing.
  • This is a Canadian website and their goods are only available in Canada at this time.
Asher's Chocolate: Pricing & packages

It is also possible to compare the pricing of Asher’s Chocolate to that of and Ghiradelli. Here is a comparison of the prices of gift baskets at each of these sites.

  • Asher’s Chocolate- there are 29 options to choose from. The prices start at $5.99 for small gift boxes with the most expensive item, the Ultimate Gift Basket, costing $134.95.
  • the range includes 484 different gift boxes or gift baskets. These are priced between $4.50 and $200.
  • Ghiradelli- they have 12 gift basket options that are priced between $26.95 and $161.95.

This shows that in comparison to its leading rivals, Asher’s Chocolate has a reasonably sized range that are priced competitively. Other considerations when looking at the price are:

  • You are paying for the quality of the product.
  • They have deals and discounts.
  • The varied price range means that there is something for everybody regardless of budget.
  • You have the opportunity to win free chocolates.
Asher's Chocolate: Product images & screenshots
Asher's Chocolate Coupons
Asher's Chocolate: Customer reviews & comments

Asher’s Chocolate give customers the opportunity to review any of the products that they have bought. They can give a star rating and write any comments about the products that they have purchased form the site. Some of the comments made are as follows:

"I've tried many from other companies and this one tops them all. Great chocolate and cracker combo!"

"These are out of this world delicious! I received a package as a gift and have been buying them non-stop for gifts to others and 1 for myself! They melt in your mouth and have the most delectable flavor. I have had nothing more wonderful from any bakery anywhere!"

Are these biased and is this a true reflection of customer feedback? It seems that it actually is a true reflection because a search across the Internet shows that other people have given equally good reviews of Asher‘s Chocolate. One such example is:

"You can get hurt chocolate for a good price and the quality is good. Maybe the pretzels are missing a ring, or maybe they are stuck together with too much chocolate, but who cares? We buys lots of presents here and nobody ever complains. What a delightful place. You never know what you'll find on discount. But you'll always buy something and be happy. This IS the best quality candy, and they use Wilbur chocolate. Try the giant marshmallows."

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