Top 10 Chocolate Makers Sites & Retailers for May 2017
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zChocolat is an online high end chocolate provider that aims to cater to connoisseurs and people who wish to spoil their loved ones with great chocolates as gifts. The company provides several different packing and types of chocolates to its customers and excels in the area of customer services. The... read more >
Lindt Chocolate is one of the oldest and most prestigious chocolate makers in the world. Lindt Chocolate sells some of the finest and most renowned chocolate in the world and offers a amazing selection of delicious chocolates. Lindt Chocolate makes an excellent gift for any occasion.&... read more >
Astor Chocolate is a famous chocolatier that uses the finest ingredients to make quality confection and gifts. With over 60 years of chocolate making experience, they have become an established name in the world of chocolate had boast an extensive range of quality products. These products include: ... read more >
Ghirardelli, also known as the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, is a company that makes and sells fine chocolates. Ghirardelli controls all aspects of their chocolate making process, from the bean selection to conching, to ensure the quality of their products is just right. Some of their products incl... read more >
Hershey's Store is a fun online site for chocolate lovers and aficionados. It features four of their top products: Hershey’s, Kisses, Reese’s and Twizzlers. The site has a wide array of products from classic Milk Chocolates of all sizes to peanut butter cups to the world’s la... read more >
Asher’s Chocolate makes delicious sugar free chocolate and gluten free treats for persons who like sweets but have this sort of food allergy They are branded as the delicious chocolate of everyday life and provide a range of chocolate covered treats, including: Milk chocolate covered potat... read more >
Chocolate Tasting Club is a company which is dedicated to offering high quality and well-priced chocolates to its customers. They also have special offers for their registered member where they can taste different varieties of chocolates the company has to offer and give their individual opinion on ... read more > is all about the fine chocolate! The company links the gift buyer with world-class chocolate chefs by providing a platform for shoppers to see and order from chocolate shops around the globe. supports small businesses by only including small vendors from the US and C... read more >
If you love fine chocolate, you'll love Hotel Chocolat US. Hotel Chocolat US sells delicious gourmet chocolate that even the pickiest of chocolate lovers will adore. Hotel Chocolat US sells gift baskets full of delicious chocolate, boxes of chocolates, slabs of chocolate and chocolate... read more >
Burlington, Vermont-based Dan's Chocolates is an e-commerce retail and wholesale business specializing in its own line of chocolate products. Dan's Chocolates' trademark slogan is: "Fresh as dan's." Major product categories include the following: Boxed Chocolates Bulk Truffles & Wholesale Ch... read more >
My M&M's is a company that sells personalized candy. It is very easy to do, first, the customer chooses the candy from 25 different M&M colors, then the customer can either write a message, use clip art or add a picture of a face, and then the customer selects the package they would like. Th... read more >
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People have always regarded the chocolate as being the ultimate comfort food. Chocolate candy, chocolate cake and chocolate sweets have always been a part of every person’s childhood. Chocolates are today consumed throughout the world. The chocolate has come a long way and is being used in va...
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Chocolate Makers Q&A Threads
Last answer by Freegin Cheung 53 months ago: Sorry! "posite"="position" read more
Asked by Freegin Cheung 53 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Sam Montana 54 months ago: You can get Marabou chocolate fromSwedenon Marabou has been making chocolate since 1918. Marabou Daim Milk Chocolate Bar King Size 250g for $11.99. Marabou Hazelnut King Size Chocolate Bar - Made in SWEDEN for $12.99. There is also Daim, which is also a very popular Swedish choc... read more
Asked by Lauren Axelrod 55 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Annie Hintsala 55 months ago: There are so many different ones out there, so many good ones to choose from, that picking a favorite is a hard question, but I have to go with Dan's Chocolates for a couple of different reasons.  First, it is such a little company, based in Vermont, and still has a little company feel to it, b... read more
Asked by The Doctor Is In 55 months ago in | 1 answers